Company Honor

In 2001, we were recognized as the “Key High-tech Enterprise of the National Torch Program” by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC.

In 2002, Techbank established the post-doctoral research station upon approval by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Personnel.

In 2005, Techbank was awarded the title of “National Leading Enterprise for Agricultural Industrialization” by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance.

In 2007, and then again in 2019, we won the second prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

In 2021, Techbank received the Shennong China Agricultural Science and Technology Award.


    In 2021, our research institutes established 22 projects (including extensions of previous projects) and completed 20 annual R&D tasks, with a completion rate of 90%. Techbank and its subsidiaries applied for 24 patents, including 16 invention patents and eight utility model patents.

    In the field of food processing, we have made joint efforts with Nanjing Agricultural University to increase R&D for deep processing, and partnered up with global companies including SAP and Accenture to deliver safe, delicious, and traceable food. We have also forayed into the 3R (ready to cook, ready to heat, and ready to eat) food sector to provide convenience for consumers. In 2021, Techbank developed 42 kinds of 3R food, 10 of which are now mass-produced in our factories. Meanwhile, we have continued to optimize and upgrade our production processes according to market reactions. In doing this, we seek perfection and create more added value for meat products.