Enterprise Culture

Our Principles:

Deliver quality food through harmonious development

Quality food: Techbank aims to become a world-class supplier of animal-derived foods (its fundamental product).

Harmonious development: With a focus on clean, eco-friendly production, Techbank creates shared benefits for governments, investors, partners, customers, and employees. Driven by passion at every turn, we are forever committed to our goals. On a global scale, Techbank integrates the resources required to establish and expand the framework of the healthy food industry.

Our Mission:

Provide safe, healthy, and delicious animal-derived foods.

Our Vision:

Create happy lives through quality food

Our Core Values:

Driven by “strivers”, Techbank puts its customers first, working towards its goals with long-term dedication.

Through hard work and team efforts, we will forge ahead, reflect on past lessons, maintain our professional integrity, and create value for customers.

Transformation: Through transformation, we will establish a customer-centered, process-oriented organization and a high-performing professional team, achieve business integration, meet the demand for quality food, continue to create value for customers, reach our goal of “100 billion yuan in sales and 100 billion yuan in market capitalization”, and evolve into an outstanding sustainable company.