Company Information

IR (Investor Relations)

Full Name of Company:Ningbo Tech-bank Co., Ltd.
Registered Address:1805-1807 Tower A, Yangguang International Building
Shortened Form of CompanyTech-bank
Legal RepresentativeZhang Banghui
Secretary of the BoardZhang Yu
Industry Classification:Farm and Sideline Food Processing Industry
Postal Code:200233
Company Tel021-54484578
Company Fax:021-54484520
Time for being ListedApril 3, 2007
Time for ListingMarch 19,2007
Issuance Amount(million)1,850
Issuance Price(¥)10.25
Issuance PE Ratio(倍):29.97
Issuing Way:Inquiry issued offline, pricing issued on the net.
Principal UnderwriterPing An Securities LLC 
Listing Recommended:
Sponsor InstitutionHuachuang Securities LLC