Hanswine: Delivering Quality Pigs for Producing Safe, Healthy, and Delicious Animal-sourced Foods

About Hanswine

    Hanswine, established in 2013, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Techbank Food Co., Ltd.

    Techbank Food created the Hanswine brand to become a leading player in pig farming with industry-beating costs. Hanswine has introduced production techniques and management models adopted by U.S. companies in the field of pig farming and breeding. We have also deployed food supply centers surrounding major city clusters, spanning the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta.

    Techbank Food boasts the world’s finest breeding pigs. We have also established smart pig farms that promise improved comfort for animals, practiced strict bio-security requirements, and adopted remote monitoring and smart information systems. In addition, Techbank Food has promoted fattening models such as farms for poverty alleviation, collective farms, crowdfunding farms, and farms for prosperity.

Our Advantages

ü Eco-friendly and Comfortable Smart Pig Farms

ü Sow Farm + Family Farm: The Two-Point Management Model

ü Practicing Strict Bio-security Requirements and Advancing Comprehensive PRRSV Purification

Our Facilities


Yuanjin Demonstration Zone, Guangxi


Dicheng Sow Farm, Anhui


Quzhou-Haichang, Jiangnandao