Research and Development

    Since its inception, Techbank Food has been determined to become a technology-driven enterprise. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, quality products, and first-class services, it has carved a path of independent innovation and leadership in technology. In efforts to establish a top R&D platform, the company founded the Techbank Research Institute in 1998.

     In 2001, the Techbank Research Institute set up the Aquatic Feed Engineering Technology Center with the approval of the Ningbo Science & Technology Bureau. In 2002, the corporate post-doctoral research station was established upon approval by the Ministry of Personnel. The Techbank Research Institute is also one of the first companies recognized as a Key High-tech Enterprise of the National Torch Program. In 2003, authorized by the Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province, Techbank Research Institute became the provincial-level high-tech R&D center. In 2014, the Zhejiang Corporate Research Institute, along with the Academician Workstation were established. In 2018, the Institute was rated as a Key Agricultural Corporate Research Institute in Zhejiang Province, offering a robust platform for expanding the R&D initiatives. In 2020, the Techbank Food Technology Research Institute (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. was established in Nanjing to help Techbank pursue its strategic goals and further expand its R&D platform. This move allowed the company to optimize and integrate its R&D resources and establish a sound tech innovation framework that bolstered its R&D capabilities and core competitiveness. As of 2021, Techbank’s R&D team consists of 303 members, including seven with doctoral degrees and 32 with master’s degrees. Additionally, the advisory team comprises over 20 experts from top Chinese universities and research institutes, as well as international specialists. Through independent R&D efforts and collaboration with esteemed universities and research institutes, the Techbank Research Institute continually transforms its research findings into products, fulfilling ever-evolving market demands.

    In 2021, as part of a strategic realignment, Techbank Food divested its bioproducts and aquatic feed businesses. As a result, two subsidiaries of the Techbank Research Institute—the Aquatic Feed and Aquaculture Technology Research Institute and the Biotechnology Research Institute—were also spun off. Despite these changes, our commitment to R&D remains steadfast. Today, Techbank Food Research Institute is composed of nine subsidiaries, including the Pig Feed Research Institute, the Institute of Fermentation Technology, the Pig Breeding Research Institute, the Pig Reproduction Research Institute, the Institute of Pig Disease Prevention, the Health Management Center, the Health Examination Center, the Institute of Smart Business, and the Institute of Environmental Protection.