New Energy

TechBank New Energy

About Techbank New Energy:

        Techbank New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“Techbank New Energy”), established in January 2022, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Techbank Food Co., Ltd., aiming to develop and operate Techbank’s new energy projects. The original intention behind the establishment of Techbank New Energy is to respond to China’s carbon neutrality policy, transform the industry’s energy mix, and increase the proportion of clean energy. Leveraging Techbank’s strengths, Techbank New Energy has combined the upstream and downstream of the sector and conducted strategic deployment across the country. Its business presence now covers biogas power generation, biomass power generation, photovoltaic power generation, power storage, and charging piles.

Our Advantages:

ü Energy Recycling & Low-carbon Farming

ü Biogas Power Generation & organic Fertilizer

ü Environmental Protection

ü Crop Planting

Our Facilities: